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SOULS - Tjitchischtsiy (Sudêk) LP

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Tjitchischtsiy (Sudêk) “like a giant dick up the ass of indie pop music”

1991-1997 >< 2016 - ?

The album "Tjitchischtsiy (Sudêk)" was released in 1994 on the legendary record label Telegram and got fantastic reviews. Souls was founded in 1991 by Cecilia Nordlund (vocals and guitar), Andreas Catjar (formerly Danielsson - guitar) and Johan Karlsson (bass). At a time when the Swedish indie pop was well-groomed and Anglophile came Souls raw, tough and fresh music "like a giant dick up the ass of indie pop music," as Cecilia put it in an interview. The debut album "Tjitchischtsiy (Sudêk)" was produced by the mythical Steve Albini and released in 1994 on the legendary record label Telegram. The album was mixed and mastered for vinyl by Mr Albini but unfortunately the vinyl death occurred at the same period so there were only crappy cd released of the masterpiece.

This autumn 2016, Souls will reunite and now we want to celebrate! Steve Albini has invited us to Chicago again so we at last can mix and master our first album for vinyl and maybe make some new noise too..

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Releasedate for the vinyl 20th of december.

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